The Moon Caravan

The Moon Caravan was born of stardust, and coalesced in Miami in late 2012, melding indie and space rock textures with the rhythms of South and North America that influenced the trio in their formative years, when they were just taking flight. Now that TMC is fully in orbit, you are invited to join their musical exploration.

Andy Moon vox, guitar, synths and percussion, originally from Valencia, Venezuela, met bassist Dan Saturno bass, backing vox and keyboard, from Caracas, at a La Vida Bohéme show in downtown Miami. That night the two chatted and exchanged phone numbers and a promise to get together and jam. They followed through, and have been building on their artistic synergies ever since. TMC played briefly with drummer Jose Soarez, but it wasn’t until Memo drums and percussion joined them that the band started developing their own identity. Memo also from Valencia, has been friends with Moon since their teens, when they would experiment with backyard jam sessions.


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Upcoming Shows

April 25th @ Wynwood Life Festival – Miami, FL.

October 9-11 @ III Points Festival – Miami, FL.